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Monday, June 5, 2006




(Jackson, Miss.) - Mississippi Development Authority is wrapping-up final applications for the Katrina Homeowner Grant program that was authorized by the federal government and approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. As this program concludes, Governor Haley Barbour is working with HUD to expand the program to provide assistance to homeowners whose homes flooded but were not eligible for the original program.


In an effort to design more effective housing assistance programs for Hurricane Katrina victims, Governor Barbour is asking low- and moderate-income homeowners who sustained flood damage to their homes due to Hurricane Katrina to register.


To register, call 1-866-369-6302 beginning Monday, June 5, to make an appointment at one of the program’s service centers located in Bay St. Louis, Gulfport, Gautier and Jackson. The Service Centers will be open for this registration process beginning June 22 and remain open for about four weeks.


“Our first Katrina Homeowner Grant program provides funds for those whose homes flooded despite being outside the flood zone, but we know there are many others whose homes flooded and still need help,” Governor Barbour said. "We are asking these other homeowners to register in hopes a program can be designed to help as many of them as possible. So, please register.”


Homeowners who fit the following guidelines are asked to register:

1. You owned your home as your primary residence on August 29, 2005.
2. Your home was located in Harrison, Hancock, Jackson or Pearl River Counties.
3. Your home flooded due to Hurricane Katrina storm surge.
4. You did not register for MDA’s first homeowner assistance program.
5. Your household income is less than the following amounts:


Household size           Projected 2006 Income            Household size             Projected 2006 Income
1                                 $ 44,300                                   5                                   $ 68,300
2                                 $ 50,600                                   6                                   $ 73,400
3                                 $ 57,000                                   7                                   $ 78,500
4                                 $ 63,300                                   8                                   $ 83,600


Income is defined as projected 2006 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) as defined for Federal Tax Returns by the IRS.


As part of this information gathering process, Mississippi Development Authority will also be surveying people residing in FEMA trailers.


At the Service Center appointment, applicants will be asked to provide the following information and documents:


Contact information
Your phone number and the address where the damage occurred and information on other ways MDA can contact you. It is very important that you provide MDA with your current mailing address and phone numbers. The fastest form of communication will be email.


Government-issued photo identification (Bring to Service Center)
Your driver’s license or government-issued photo ID.


Citizenship credentials (Bring to Service Center)
Information regarding your citizenship status. If you are not a US citizen, you will be asked to provide documentation proving your legal immigration status, such as a Visa or Alien Registration Card (“Green Card”).


Social Security Number


Projected 2006 household income (Bring to Service Center)
Your family’s projected total gross household income for January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006. To support your projection, please bring your latest federal tax return or pay stubs showing your current income.


Ownership/acquisition deed (Bring to Service Center)
The name(s) listed on the Ownership/Acquisition Deed on your home, if different from your current name. If your home is a mobile home, you will need to provide the name(s) listed on the title, plus deed to the lot. If you cannot locate these documents, you may still apply.


Pre-storm insurance policy, if any (Bring to Service Center)
The type(s) of insurance coverage you had, if any, including name(s) of insurer(s), policy number(s), insured value and amount of any claim(s) paid and/or pending.


Proof of Loss Statement from insurer, if any (Bring to Service Center)


Pre-storm flood insurance policy, if any (Bring to Service Center)


Litigation information
Information about any pending or anticipated litigation with your insurance company.


Mortgage information (Bring to Service Center)
The name of your mortgage lender(s), loan number(s) and remaining balance(s), if any, on all mortgage(s), home equity line(s) of credit or other lien(s) on your home.


SBA loans (Bring to Service Center)
Information about any Katrina-related loans received from the Small Business Administration (SBA).


FEMA assistance (Bring to Service Center)
Information about any Katrina-related proceeds received from FEMA.


Current intentions
A statement of your desired intentions (e.g., repair, rebuild, resettle, undecided).


More information is available online at www.mshomehelp.gov.