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The Office of Recovery and Renewal was created by Governor Haley Barbour in early 2006 to undertake the task of long-term recovery from Hurricane Katrina.  Authorized by House Bill 22 signed into law by Governor Barbour during the 2005 5th Extraordinary Session, the office is the central entity coordinating Katrina relief efforts among federal and state agencies and other public and private entities.


The primary focus of the Office of Recovery and Renewal is the implementation of long-term recovery plans and policies.  The office has four primary objectives:

  1. Obtaining the maximum amount of federal funds and maximizing the use of credit in lieu of cash
  2. Providing policy advice/formulation to the Governor, his staff and other state agencies
  3. Providing technical assistance, education and outreach to local governments
  4. Identifying responsible entities and facilitating the implementation of the recommendations in the Governor’s Commission final report as directed by the Governor

The Office of Recovery and Renewal is located within the Governor’s Office and also has field staff working on the Coast.