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June 6, 2008




Lowering of Flags in Honor of Jack Lucas


WHEREAS, on June 5, 2008, Mississippi lost one of its most valuable citizens with the passing of World War II Veteran and Medal of Honor Recipient Jacklyn “Jack” Lucas; and


WHEREAS, Jack Lucas, a United States Marine and resident of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, joined the Marines at age 14 to serve his country during World War II. When his age was discovered he was allowed to stay in the Marines but was reassigned as a truck driver in Hawaii; and


WHEREAS, Jack Lucas, a United States Marine, stowed away on a Navy ship headed for combat in the Pacific Ocean; and


WHEREAS, Jack Lucas, on 20 February 1945, did protect and shield three fellow Marines, by diving onto two grenades, one grenade exploded and Jack Lucas was left with more than 250 pieces of shrapnel in his body, six in his brain and two in his heart; and


WHEREAS, his inspiring action and valiant spirit of self-sacrifice, not only protected his comrades from certain injury or death but also enabled them to rout the Japanese patrol and continue the advance; and


WHEREAS, Jack Lucas, a United States Marine was, at the age of 17, awarded the Medal of Honor by President Truman, making him the youngest serviceman to receive the Medal of Honor in any conflict other than the Civil War; and


WHEREAS, Jack Lucas, a Marine and Soldier, has set an example for all Americans to follow and in his own words, ”I would not settle for watching from the sidelines when the United States was in such desperate need of support from its citizens;” and


WHEREAS, his love for his state and his country will forever be remembered; and


WHEREAS, the prayers of this State are with the family and friends of Jack Lucas:


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Haley Barbour, by the authority vested in me as Governor by the Constitution and laws of the State of Mississippi, do hereby proclaim a period of official mourning in the State of Mississippi and further do hereby order the flag of the State of Mississippi be flown at half-staff on all buildings and grounds of the State of Mississippi and all areas under its jurisdiction beginning at sunrise and ending at sunset on June 9, 2008


IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of Mississippi to be affixed.


DONE at the Capitol in the City of Jackson, the 6th day of June, in the year of our Lord two thousand eight, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the two hundred and thirty-second.