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January 24, 2008




Governor’s recommendation calls for budget discipline in period of economic uncertainty


(JACKSON, Mississippi) — Governor Haley Barbour today proposed his budget recommendation for fiscal year 2009—a balanced, fiscally responsible plan that funds education reforms and transportation infrastructure improvements, while promoting public health and private health insurance and maintaining essential social services for Mississippians.


The Governor’s conservative budget proposal funds the operations of state agencies at about $5.6 billion, which is only a slight increase—0.4%—over Fiscal Year 2008. The smaller increase can be attributed to a softening national economy and the slowing rate of state revenue increases, Governor Barbour said.


“Working together, we have dramatically increased spending on priority programs during the last four years. However, during a time of economic uncertainty on the national and statewide level, we must make tough decisions that enable us to live within our means without shortchanging programs like education, healthcare, and social services. My balanced budget recognizes these challenges while maintaining our commitment to fiscal responsibility.”


Some highlights of the Governor’s budget recommendation include the following:


• Maintains commitment to fiscal responsibility;
• Funds education reforms to improve results;
• Increases support for improving transportation for job creation;
• Promotes public health and essential social services; and
• Provides the necessary management tools to save taxpayer dollars.


The Governor’s Executive Budget Recommendation for Fiscal Year 2009 was delivered to the Legislature today.