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Friday, August 15, 2008




Initial votes expected next week


(JACKSON, Mississippi) - A draft report of Governor Haley Barbour’s special tax study commission has been posted online, allowing more public access and input before initial votes are taken next week.


The draft report can be accessed on the home page of the Governor’s website - www.governorbarbour.com - by clicking on the “Tax Study Commission” logo, or at www.governorbarbour.com/taxstudycommission.htm. Commission members got their first look at the draft report this week and are expected to meet next Tuesday to discuss draft recommendations.


“I appreciate the dedication and hard work of commission members who have voluntarily worked since January to study the state tax code with the goal of making the system more fair and equitable for our taxpayers,” Governor Barbour said.


“Taxes have a profound impact on the well-being of Mississippi’s families, so keeping the public as involved as possible during this process was crucial to its overall success. I commend the commission for its transparency and look forward to reviewing the findings,” he said.


In January, Governor Barbour announced creation of the Tax Study Commission, a public-private working group whose mission was to study Mississippi’s tax code and recommend reforms. The commission has taken a unified approach, which enabled its members to provide a clearer, more accurate picture of the entire tax system than has been available to the Legislature and the public in the past. Most importantly, the commission has conducted a comprehensive study of the state tax system, taking into consideration the federal and local tax loads as well.


The Governor said any adjustments in the state tax code should complement federal and local tax codes in providing a stable source of revenue for essential public services while encouraging economic growth and job creation.


To view a copy of the draft report of the Tax Study Commission, click here.