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December 31, 2007



Regarding the appointment of United States Representative Roger Wicker to the United States Senate


“In my lifetime, no Governor of Mississippi has appointed a United States Senator; so you can imagine what a serious decision this one has been.


To me, the first requirement was that the appointee share Senator Lott’s conservative values and views and those of Senator Cochran. Congressman Roger Wicker clearly meets that test.


He has a proven record of accomplishment in the Congress. He has been elected and re-elected seven times to the U.S. House of Representatives as well as three times to the State Senate. He is a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee and as such has effectively helped our state’s local governments, federal facilities and industries obtain critical government support, whether those businesses and governments were on the Coast, in south or central Mississippi or in his own congressional district.


Roger is a veteran. . . . a retired Air Force Reserve Colonel. He served in the 80’s on the House leadership staff for then Republican Whip Trent Lott and, as a senior appropriator, he works very closely with Senator Thad Cochran.


I can tell you personally that Congressman Roger Wicker made an enormous difference as Mississippi sought unprecedented federal assistance after Hurricane Katrina. Senator Cochran rightly gets first credit for leading the fight for our state in the Senate, but Congressman Wicker was indispensable in our prevailing in the House.


Fellow Mississippians, this morning I appointed our new United States Senator, Roger Wicker.”