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July 20, 2006




On Announcement Involving C-27J Cargo Aircraft


“I am pleased Global Military Aircraft Systems (GMAS) announced today that Mississippi would become the home of important components of a program to provide the U.S. Army with its new C-27J cargo aircraft.


We have been working with GMAS and its corporate partners on the C-27J Joint Cargo Aircraft Team -- L-3 Communications, Alenia North America and Boeing - as well as other competitors as they seek this contract. The GMAS proposal makes Mississippi the site of headquarters, engineering, and procurement management divisions, and would bring more than 100 new, high-paying, highly-skilled engineering and technical jobs to our state. I am grateful that other competitors have also discussed putting part of their operations in Mississippi.


This is another illustration that major international companies recognize the abilities of Mississippi workers in highly-skilled jobs, such as engineering and highly-technical manufacturing.”