Governor Barbour

Feb. 1, 2011


Gov. Haley Barbour today presented the State Early Childhood Advisory Council’s Annual Report “Keeping the Course: Mapping the Journey to High Quality for Mississippi’s Early Care and Education System.”

Click to view the Executive Summary or the Full Report.

“Preparing our youngest children to excel in school is a fundamental quality of life issue for Mississippi and an essential tool to build a successful workforce,” Gov. Barbour said. “I thank the Early Childhood Advisory Council for their hard work and commitment to improving the quality of education for Mississippi’s youth.”

The Council received a $1,685,344 grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to continue work to develop a comprehensive early childhood system that will create a seamless delivery of services to children in Mississippi. The executive summary and full report is available online at

The report highlights the activities, accomplishments, and recommendations of the Council resulting from this past year’s work.  Recommendations in the report include:

  • A career ladder for early care and education teachers.
  • Alignment of early learning standards for children from birth to 4 years with K-12 education.
  • A voluntary registry of family child care providers.
  • Information packets to parents of newborns to assist them as their children’s first teachers.

In 2008, Gov. Barbour established the State Early Childhood Advisory Council to develop a strategic plan to coordinate efforts, programs, and resources supporting children from birth to age five and to identify opportunities for and barriers to collaboration and coordination among programs and agencies.