Governor Barbour

June 8, 2010


“The Mississippi Supreme Court heard oral argument today regarding the constitutionality of statutes passed in 2004 that capped the size of non-economic damage awards permissible in lawsuits.  Runaway jury awards contributed to the climate of jackpot justice that made our state an unfriendly place to do business, costing us countless jobs. 

“That is why, for the first time since becoming Governor, I filed an amicus brief during the main phase of an appeal, urging the Court to uphold the caps.  As I noted in the brief, “[j]udicial repeal of the non-economic damage caps . . . would destroy the positive progress made in recent years, crush current economic development and drive away desperately needed jobs in one of the gravest economic times in this Nation's history.”

“Tort reform was supported by an overwhelming, and bipartisan, majority of the state legislature.  It has helped lower insurance premiums paid by physicians, and helped attract new businesses to the state.”