Governor Barbour

November 9, 2009


A state of emergency was declared today for areas of Mississippi expected to be impacted by high winds and heavy rainfall carried by tropical storm Ida as she moves into the Gulf Coast region. The declaration was signed by Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, as Gov. Haley Barbour was in Washington, DC.

"Mississippi has a seasoned leadership team that is well-experienced at dealing with emergency situations," Governor Barbour said. "While Ida appears to be weakening, we urge that residents, particularly in low-lying, flood-prone areas, continue to be vigilant, prudent, and alert to any changes."

"The Governor and I agreed it is best to be fully prepared to deal with the consequences of this potentially dangerous storm," Lt. Gov. Bryant said. "The executive order and state of emergency declaration will enable the deployment of all resources to help people who are affected by Ida."

The executive order allows for the deployment of some members the Mississippi National Guard and puts the Department of Public Safety and other state agencies on special alert. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has already deployed to the Gulf Coast and is coordinating with local emergency officials. 

The executive order and state of emergency proclamation are here.