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June 6, 2006




(Jackson, Mississippi) - Governor Haley Barbour will host the Healthy Mississippi Summit which takes place on June 15, 2006, from 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at the Downtown Marriott (200 East Amite Street). The summit is the kickoff event for Governor Barbour’s “Healthy Mississippi” initiative and is designed to improve perceptions and attitudes concerning healthcare in Mississippi.


“The goal of ‘Healthy Mississippi’ is to reduce the chronic disease burden in our state,” Governor Barbour said. “This summit will expose key stakeholders of Mississippi’s health community to experts from around the state and nation and will provide opportunities for them to learn about programs that have proven successful in other parts of the country.”


The Healthy Mississippi Summit will address various health issues of children, state employees, adults in the workplace and community, and minority populations by identifying problems and presenting tangible solutions to an audience of business, education, health care, religious and political leaders. In addition, the summit will educate potential advocates and decision makers about relevant policy issues.


The event will consist of two groups of breakout sessions, the first beginning in the morning and the second continuing after lunch. Panelists include state and national experts who will focus on ways to promote better nutrition, a sensible diet, and an active lifestyle, as well as closing the health disparity gap between populations. Dr. David Katz, M.D., M.P.H., Associate Professor Adjunct in Public Health Practice at Yale School of Public Health, will serve as keynote speaker. Dr. Katz co-founded and directs the Yale Prevention Research Center.


The Healthy Mississippi Initiative evolved from the 2006 National Governor’s Association (NGA) Winter Meeting and the NGA Healthy America initiative which examines ways to create a culture of wellness that reduces swelling healthcare costs and offers healthy choices in communities.


The Healthy Mississippi Summit is partially funded by a grant from the National Governor’s Association.


To register to attend the Healthy Mississippi Summit, please call 601.576.2047 or register online at www.barbourconference.com.