Governor Barbour


In 2008, Governor Barbour established the State Early Childhood Advisory Council to develop a strategic plan to coordinate efforts, programs, and resources supporting children from birth to age five and to identify opportunities for and barriers to collaboration and coordination among programs and agencies. The SECAC is located in the Office of the Governor to ensure access to the Governor and other key policy makers.

The SECAC consists of representatives from state agencies responsible for children's education and care, educational professionals, policy makers, and other important groups including:

  • Early Care and Education Centers
  • Early Intervention Services
  • Institutions of Higher Learning
  • Local Education Agencies
  • Mississippi Department of Education
  • Mississippi Department of Health
  • Mississippi Department of Human Services
  • Mississippi Department of Mental Health
  • Mississippi Extension Services
  • Mississippi Head Start Association
  • Non-profit Social Service Agencies
  • Policy Advisors
  • Private Sector Agencies and Leaders
  • State Head Start Collaboration Office
Reports of the State Early Childhood Advisory Council

In December 2008 the Council presented their first formal report to Governor Barbour with six recommendations for improving early childhood services in Mississippi.

  • Recommendation 1:  The Governor will appoint an Executive Director for the State Early Childhood Advisory Council through which programs and services related to the education, health, mental health and social services for children (and their families) prior to birth through age eight will be better coordinated.
  • Recommendation 2:  Develop a family/child-centered information/data system and sharing process that will ensure significant improvement in the delivery of high quality early care and education services. The process will be built around a logic model whereby information collected will serve to improve the system or service(s) in question.
  • Recommendation 3:  Develop and implement a workforce development plan for individuals seeking to be employed as early childhood educators.
  • Recommendation 4:  Develop a process by which early childhood services and management occurs for the purpose of supplying communities with information and coordinated service models for replication across the state.
  • Recommendation 5:  Review and revise the existing registry requirements related to family child care homes.
  • Recommendation 6:  Develop and implement a process by which health access issues are addressed for children ages zero to five.

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