MarkIV Investor Information
Dividend Reinvestment Plan
with Optional Cash Investment

Mark IV has a Dividend Reinvestment Plan with an Optional Cash Investment feature for shareholders of record. The Plan is administered by the company's transfer agent, American Stock Transfer and Trust Company.

The Plan permits the reinvestment of all or a portion of a shareholder's common stock dividends, and allows shareholders to make cash investments, from a minimum of $50.00 to a maximum of $5,000.00 per calendar month, to purchase additional shares of Mark IV common stock.

If you have any questions regarding the Mark IV Dividend Reinvestment Plan, or to request a copy of the Plan booklet and enrollment card, please contact American Stock Transfer and Trust Company's Dividend Reinvestment Department (toll free) at 800-278-4353, or call Mark IV's Investor Relations Department at 716-689-4972.