MarkIV Industrial
components and systems
Mark IV Industrial provides Power and Fluid Management components and systems, Transportation and Other, and Specialty Filtration products to customers around the world through three primary operating units.  Together, Mark IV sales in this business segment were approximately $958 million, or 49% of Mark IV's total fiscal 1999 revenue.

Dayco Industrial

Dayco Industrial provides Power Transmission, Fluid Power, and Fluid Transfer products for use in worldwide Industrial applications.  These products include V-belts and synchronous belts, high pressure hydraulic hose and couplings, and air, water chemical and petroleum transfer hoses.   Dayco Industrial accounts for approximately 57% of Mark IV's total fiscal 1999 Industrial sales.

Transportation and Other

Mark IV's Transportation businesses provide a variety of mass transit and traffic management systems to the transportation and infrastructure  industries in North America, Europe and Asia.  Product lines include intelligent vehicle highway systems, and information display and lighting systems produced by F-P Electronics, LLE, Luminator Aircraft Products, Luminator Mass Transit Products, Mark IV IVHS and SLE.

Other industrial products include plastic, metal and vinyl caps, plugs, edge liners and protective netting sold by our Protective Closures' Caplugs division; circulating oil and water temperature control systems made by Mokon; and ionization elements for smoke detectors and self-energized luminous exit signs made by NRD.

Our Transportation and Other business accounted for approximately 27% of Mark IV's total Industrial revenue in fiscal 1999.