Governor Barbour

Governor Haley Barbour proposed a 12 percent budget reduction for most state agencies and called for the merger of some state agencies, universities and school districts in his Executive Budget Recommendation for Fiscal Year 2011. The $5.5 billion state budget includes $370 million in stimulus funds that will cease after the coming fiscal year, which begins July 1. Governor Barbour is required by state law to submit a budget to the Legislature.

Mississippi needs drastic reform to counter a projected $715 million shortfall in the next fiscal year and a $1.2 billion deficit in FY 2012. The national recession forced a sharp decline in state tax collections.

  Governor Barbour talks about equitable funding for the state employees retirement system

To see Governor Barbour discuss other parts of the budget, see below.

Read Governor Barbour's proposals:
Letter to Mississippi Legislature
FY 2011 Executive Budget Recommendation
FY 2011 Agency Performance Measures

Executive Budget By Section:

Economic Overview
Efficient Agencies
Public Employees' Retirement System

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