MarkIV Automotive
automotive system components

Mark IV Automotive
designs, manufactures, and distributes a variety of high quality automotive systems and components to the global automotive industry.  Fiscal 1999 revenue in this business segment was approximately $991 million, representing 51% of Mark IV's total sales.

Our Automotive products are sold to both OEM/OES and Aftermarket customers, primarily for safety, comfort and environmental applications.

Mark IV Automotive's OEM/OES products, which represent 79% of total fiscal 1999 automotive sales, are sold through three divisions:

Engine Division

* Power Transmission
* Air Intake Systems

Power Train Division

* Power Pac
* Engines

Platform Division

* Fuel Systems
* Fluid Handling Systems

Mark IV Automotive is also a supplier to the automotive Aftermarket, which represents 21% of total automotive sales in fiscal 1999.  In the Aftermarket, our most recognized brand name is  Dayco.

Mark IV Automotive also manufactures starter drives and electric fuel pumps for OEM and Aftermarket customers through Facet-Purolator.