7/12/2004 11:39:46 PM
By Lydia Hailman
Daily Journal

First Lady visits Tupelo Children's Mansion

TUPELO - While her husband was in Northeast Mississippi on government business, the state's first lady toured the Tupelo Children's Mansion on Monday.

"I know there are neglected and abused children with special needs, and I want to know how they're being taken care of," said Marsha Barbour.

She met with employees and residents of the home, and visited with the president of Tupelo Children's Mansion, Stephen Judd.

"We were delighted that she would take the time out of her schedule to visit the Mansion," Judd said. "We appreciate the interest that she showed and her support."

Barbour became interested in visiting the home after her husband, Gov. Haley Barbour, toured it last year. Mrs. Barbour says she is interested in child care development and education, and she is naturally drawn to children.

The Tupelo Children's Mansion, located on Ea! st Main Street, was founded in 1952 and houses about 50 children per year. It is also home to the Tupelo Christian Academy.


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