(Jackson, Miss.)--On Tuesday, December 23, Governor-elect Haley Barbour announced appointments to his administration for the positions of Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety; the Commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Corrections; the Chief of the Mississippi Highway Patrol; the Director of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency; and the Adjutant General.

“Since civilization began, the number one responsibility of government has been to ensure the safety of our people,” Barbour said. “Public safety must be a top priority for our state, and law enforcement officials deserve the full respect and support of the Governor. The appointments I’m announcing today are part of my commitment to ensuring safer communities for all Mississippians.”

Governor-elect Barbour announced the following appointments to his administration:

Rusty Fortenberry—Commissioner, Mississippi Department of Public Safety
Melvin Maxwell—Deputy Commissioner, Mississippi Department of Public Safety
Chris Epps—Commissioner, Mississippi Department of Corrections
Marvin Curtis—Chief, Mississippi Highway Patrol
Robert Latham—Director, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
Harold Cross—Adjutant General

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