June 7, 2004

Statement of Governor Haley Barbour

“It is curious whenever two House members file legal action to stop legislation that they actually voted to implement. And it is disappointing when that action can single-handedly cost the State of Mississippi at least $30,000 in extended Special Session costs.

Section 121 of the Mississippi Constitution expressly gives a governor the authority to dissolve a special session whenever there is disagreement between the House and Senate over the time of adjournment. With the Senate adjourned for good on June 4th and the House still in session, there was and is clear disagreement in this case. Governor Musgrove took the same action under similar circumstances during the Redistricting Special Session in 2001.

According to court records, the motion by these two representatives was filed with the Hinds County Chancery Clerk at 4:25 p.m. and an order was issued by the judge at 4:28 p.m. We will contest this three-minute-ruling and seek a properly-reviewed and reasonable resolution.

It is unfortunate that 650,000 Mississippians who count of the Mississippi Department of Human Services are in jeopardy of losing their benefits on July 1 because the House did not simply reauthorize this vital agency as the Senate did twice.”


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