Cares of the Heart

Healthy Solutions

Making Mississippi a healthier place to live and raise a family has been a priority of ours. Through programs that encourage children to go outdoors away from the TV and adults to walk more, we want all Mississippians to enjoy a healthy quality of life.

Let’s Go Walkin’ Mississippi
American Heart Association
Project Fit America
Susan B. Komen

Wildlife Conservation and Preservation

What a blessing to be a daughter of the South where the outdoors can be enjoyed year-round! I have played golf in February, gone fishing and hunting in the dead of winter, participated in all forms of water sports most of the year and gardened until late fall. The only “twittering” that interests me comes from the trees that surround our lake house!

The words of American naturalist John Muir express what I have found to be true: “In the silent serene wilderness, the weary can gain a heart-bath in perfect peace.” The Mississippi outdoors offers sanctuary, challenging physical opportunities and an education not found in books. From the majestic giant cypress trees at Sky Lake to the roaring rivers and the gleaming gulf, a multitude of activities abound that benefit the body and calm the soul.

National Audubon Society – Mississippi Chapter 
Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks
Strawberry Plains Audubon Center
Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks
Foundation for MDWFP

UPDATE: One of bear cubs First Lady Marsha Barbour met three years ago has two cubs of her own.

Bear cubs three years later

Improving Education

Support for early childhood education and reducing the high school dropout rate is critical for the future of Mississippi. We must promote an environment where lifelong learning is valued by us all supporting and encouraging our children throughout their lives.

Through programs such as Read Across America and Jobs for Mississippi Graduates, we can ensure all our children receive the support and education they need to lead successful and productive lives.

Jobs for Mississippi Graduates
Read Across America

Supporting our troops

Mississippi is proud of its citizens who bravely serve in our nation’s military. We are home to several U.S. military bases and to thousands of members of the National Guard. Our military families deserve our continued support for their sacrifices as loved ones protect our freedoms overseas.

Mississippi Military Family Relief Fund

Marsha Barbour Resource Center

First Lady Marsha Barbour was honored in 2007 when community leaders dedicated a new Marsha Barbour Resource Center in Pass Christian, Mississippi.

The new center recognizes the First Lady in recognition of her tireless work helping the Mississippi Gulf Coast recover from Hurricane Katrina. In addition to being a first responder to the storm, literally arriving with the first troops to land in the ravaged landscape, Mrs. Barbour stayed on for 23 of the next 28 days to personally deliver critically-needed supplies to survivors.

Today, Mrs. Barbour continues to assist Mississippi families and Gulf Coast communities rebuild their lives.

Marsha Barbour Resource Center