Gov. and Mrs. Barbour

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WASHINGTON D.C. – Gov. Haley Barbour and First Lady Marsha Barbour will be honored today with the Governor’s and First Lady’s Leadership Award for 2011 for their support of Jobs for Mississippi Graduates, a program that encourages at-risk youth to stay in school and secure quality jobs.
The award will be presented this evening as part of the Jobs for America's Graduates National Leadership Awards in Washington D.C. Jobs for Mississippi Graduates, or JMG, is an affiliate of the national organization. With support from Governor and Mrs. Barbour, the program has expanded to several areas of the state and experienced success in keeping students in school.

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First Lady accepts donation from Garden Clubs of Mississippi
First Lady Marsha Barbour accepted a donation from the Garden Clubs of Mississippi for landscaping at the Governor's Mansion. Frances Morse, the Governor's Mansion Landscape Fund Chairman, presented Mrs. Barbour with a check in October.

Mrs. Barbour and Frances Morse


A panoramic view of the beautiful State of Mississippi takes you through the vast cotton fields of the Delta, the rolling hills of the Northeast, lush pine forests leading south to the sunny beaches on the Gulf Coast and to the great river that forms the western border. The Mississippi offers a kaleidoscope of scenic locations with sports and activities that can be enjoyed year-round.

Our greatest resource is our people. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Mississippians revealed strength of character that caught the attention of the nation. Surrounded by devastation and destruction, spirits were never broken. The power of perseverance has brought about recovery and renewal. We continue to rebuild a better and stronger Gulf Coast.

Two areas that are vital to the future of Mississippi are health and education. Through campaigns like "Let's Go Walking Mississippi," families are encouraged to get moving and get healthy. We strongly support programs such as the American Heart Association's "Go Red for Women." We are never too old or too young to take care of our bodies and develop our minds.

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Mississippi's First Lady

First Lady Honored For Her Support of First Responders

First Lady Marsha Barbour was honored at the inaugural Responder Academy Mississippi recently in Biloxi. The recognition was part of a training academy for emergency workers statewide and was sponsored by U.S. Environmental Services.

Mrs. Barbour was active on the Gulf Coast in the days after Hurricane Katrina, assisting first responders in delivering food, diapers and other items to families in need. She also has played a role in visiting victims of other natural disasters in Mississippi, including the tornado that destroyed Smithville and areas flooded by the Mississippi River in 2011.