Contact: Joseph L. Blount, Chairman and Commissioner of Revenue
Telephone: 601-923-7000

August 23, 2004
For Immediate Release

Mississippi Tax Amnesty Program

(Jackson, Miss. ) - The Commissioner of Revenue of the Mississippi State Tax Commission, Mr. Joseph L. Blount, announced today that the Tax Amnesty Program, passed during the 2004 Legislative Session, will begin September 1, 2004 and end on December 31, 2004. This program allows anyone owing delinquent taxes a one-time opportunity to pay them without penalty or criminal prosecution.

"During the amnesty period, any individual or business can pay all delinquent state taxes that were due and payable after January 1, 1999, without any penalty being added or any criminal charges being brought against the individual or business as long as total payment of all delinquent taxes is made," Mr. Blount explained. He added that tax amnesty will not be available to anyone who is the subject of a tax-related criminal prosecution, or where the taxes have been previously assessed by the State Tax Commission. All Mississippi taxes that are required to be collected by the State Tax Commission are included in the Tax Amnesty Program, except for estimated income taxes.

Mr. Blount further explained that anyone eligible for the tax amnesty program and who fails to make total payment of the taxes due to the state during the amnesty period or who willfully attempts to evade any tax or assists in the evading of tax or the payment of a tax could be
guilty of a felony.

Additional information about the Tax Amnesty Program can be found on the State Tax Commission web site at or by writing to Tax Amnesty Program, P.O. Box 22828, Jackson, MS 39225 or by calling the State Tax Commission at (601) 923-7000. You can also receive information at any of the nine District Service Offices throughout the state.


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